Tuesday, 23 September 2014

A very eventful summer

It seems rather fitting to look back at our summer holidays on the very first day of Autumn. I don't know about you, but I have loved this summer. Loved it. London has seen sunny days pretty much all the way from Mid May until, well, now. It's the end of September and the sun is still shining and my Birkenstock are still firmly on my feet. I have literally worn them non stop for 4 months which makes them the best ever purchase of 2014.

In some ways it has been a hard summer for us. A home renovation that was meant to take six weeks has taken double the time and we're still having issues with the electrics as we speak. We've travelled a lot, we've been 'homeless' a lot. Mr H and I have argued a lot, from which hob to buy - induction all the way, he would agree with me now - to which paint, shower tabs, floors and then, when all started to go wrong, whose fault it was to hire the stupid builders and incompetent project manager who created more problems than solutions. I would not want to go back and do it all over again, but when I cook in my new kitchen or shower in my new bathroom, I am happy at last.

Adding to the home stress, there has been work stress or rather loss-of-work stress. At the beginning of July my company relocated its HQ to South America and that has meant that my colleagues and I packed up our Covent Garden desks and went our separate ways. As they say, sometimes it's fate, because in all honesty, had I had my job, our home would have not been ready by now. I have literally spent days on site tackling a problem after the next. There have been tears. And sleepless nights. Lots of both.

The silver lining has been seeing Little G coping with it all rather well. She has cherished spending months at the park, literally from morning until evening. She has loved living at her godmother for a few weeks and she now thinks of her and her husband as second parents. She has learned to write her name, to eat sandwiches for lunch after loathing all kind of bread since birth, to make loom bands and to find new games to play seeing that a lot of her toys have been in storage for months. She has also been incredibly resilient when spending hours on site watching builders or plumbers. 

Her new pre-school starts next week and she doesn't know a single child, but I am confident that she'll be fine. This summer of uncertainties has made her more independent, adaptable, social and self-assured. She's gone from being scared of slides to climbing every possible frame. She has been hanging out at friends' houses for entire days without naps or down time, she has gone to tennis camp and art camp and each and every time I've dropped her off she has been relaxed and ready to enjoy every minute of her independence. Go Little Big G! 

The forced 'homelessness' has also meant that this summer has seen us travelling more than normal. We enjoyed two weeks in Southern California at the end of May (you can read about it here, here and here) as well as a last minute holiday to Puglia in August so that the painters could finish our home. Being homeless has been fun at times, I admit. I have been rather lazy with my blog updates, but now that autumn is here and G is nearly in school, I will find the time to write about our travels in more details. Plus it will be a fun task to go back to sunny pictures when the days are getting colder. (Apologies to the Instagram followers who were promised these posts weeks ago)

The final event of the summer has been my brother's wedding. Another flight to Italy later and I now have a wonderful sister in law, memories of a special day and pictures of my cheeky daughter as the sweetest flower girl for her uncle's wedding. It has been a very eventful summer, with lots of good and bad. There are still issues that still need to be worked out, but I have learned some very important lessons over the past few months. 

I have good friends who care for me and they have rallied around to help me and for that I am grateful. It's nice to feel loved. It is also nice to be out of the baby days and to realise that my Little G is not 'little' anymore. She is a person and one that is mostly great fun to hang out with. She has been a challenging baby, an OK toddler, but now that she is nearly 4, she simply rocks my days. She needs no naps, no props, no gizmos, she can just hop on a taxi or jump on a plane and tell me how she sees the world. She can ask me the weirdest questions, but she also tells me the funniest tales. I wish I knew that it gets this good when I was in the hell of the baby days. Why don't people tell new mums that babies don't stay babies forever and that it is such a great thing that they don't?!

Monday, 1 September 2014

September. New Things on the Horizon.

It is strange how the first day of September always feels as if it is the beginning of a new year, more so that New Year's Day does. There are no new year resolutions as such, but a slow return to the routine of the colder months and a need for an extra layer of clothing to remind us all that summer is indeed nearly over.

We have returned from our Italian holiday on Saturday to what we stupidly thought was going to be a finished home. The decorators were here in our absence to fix the previous builders' mess. Of course, just when we thought that we were going to unpack our boxes for the last time and be done with it all...the electrics packed up!

As of Saturday night not a single plug worked in our home. Yes, we had light, but no fridge, washing machine, phone chargers, nothing, nada, niente. After forking out more money and waiting until 1am for the emergency electrician to turn up, by 2am we were finally back in business. For now, that is. We still need to find a few hundred pound to replace the electric switchboard or spend less but knock down a kitchen cupboard and wall to get to the faulty cable. It is literally never ending!

Despite the house woes, we are all in good spirit. It is nice to be finally home and go back to our routine. It would help if Little G's school started earlier than September 30th (Yes, really!! What am I supposed to do until then?), but all in all, we are well.

There are big news coming up for the last part of the year and the beginning of next for our family and extended family. I will reveal it all very soon, but for the time being, how are you all? Did you have a nice summer? We had a stressful one, but luckily spending a week basking in the sunshine and soaking in the sea has made us all much more relaxed. Here is to a new year, so to speak.

Water Family Selfie 

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Fight or Flight

Some people escape reality and responsibilities. Some fight it. My father died when I was 5 and fighting for my happiness was ever the only real option for me. If there is an issue I face it, if there are problems I search for a solution. If I can't find it, I seek help. Help from friends, help from professionals, help from my inner self. I am my worst critic and my strongest supporter. I believe in honesty. With oneself and with others. 

I believe in letting people close into my life and showing it for what it is, good and bad. I don't believe in putting up faces, in pretending, in escaping. The flight coping mechanism feels unnatural, time consuming and frankly a bit childish.

I went on twitter this morning and this quote was the first thing that popped up in my timeline. Sometimes God has his own ways to tell us things...


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