Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Nanny Situation

Having a nanny is like having a new family member. She is in our house more hours than we are there ourselves. She looks after our most precious 'property' and has access to any drawer and cupboard in the house. My nanny knows what I look like without make up, with bed hair, with hardly and clothes on and when I am sick as a dog. I draw the line at unbrushed teeth, but I am probably even guilty of that one.

I blogged about how hard it was to find our nanny, the perfect nanny for our family. We ended up finding two. Both from Brazil, both wonderful and warm and both utterly in love with Miss G. 

Back in January I sadly had to let go of one of them. Managing and coordinating two nannies' schedules plus Miss G's various activities plus the family social diary was basically a full time job in its own.

We let go of nanny B because her master will soon come to an end and because I know that she will need more time than she thinks to do her dissertation and internship. It was a hideous conversation to have, because we love her as much as a family member. B has shown Miss G how to make cats out of water bottles, she taught her not to be scared of slides and she has entertained her with lots of puppet shows. She taught her to sing in Portuguese and to dance and sing to Will.I.Am which would have never occurred to me, let's face it.

Letting go of B meant keeping nanny M to cover the whole of the 4 days that I am at work. She has risen to the challenge and has not been late once. M has been running the house, the play dates, Miss G's repeat prescriptions, nursery commitments and food requirements. She has made a gorgeous newspaper hat with Little G, she takes her to the Night Animals pavilion at the zoo hoping that she'll get over her 'fear of the night', she build train tracks and designs fashion collections for Miss G's princesses. She has even taught Little G how to cook and dance the samba. She is the only person who sees Little G allegedly getting better at swimming every week. 

Having one or even two wonderful nannies is enriching my family and my daughter's life with new skills, new personalities and new points of view. I love both B and M dearly and so does my little girl. Yesterday it was nanny M's birthday and we did not get to spend it with her because she has had to fly to Brazil on a last minute notice. She will be there for 5 weeks saying goodbye to her mum who has cancer and is losing her battle with it. Damn fucking cancer! 

Luckily nanny B is happy to cover the month whilst M is away. Little G was so happy to have her back for a while and so are we.

It is not for everyone to have a nanny and, yes, it can be costly and it somewhat sacrifices privacy. There is no nook of our flat that the nannies have not seen, 'hidden' cigarette packets and too many empty bottles of wine after a dinner party included. 

Yet, for us and for Miss G, having these two ladies in our lives is a blessing. As they say, it takes a village to raise a child and without our nannies, I am sure my Little G would not be nowhere near as funny and bright. 

Monday, 24 March 2014

Oh, Italia!

I come from the most beautiful country on Earth. Beside being run by idiots stupid politicians, Italy has so much beauty that it is impossible not to fall in love with it all. 

Granted that I am biased, but which other small country is shaped liked a boot, therefore having most of its land surrounded by beautiful coast? If that wasn't enough, the Alps are just as majestic in winter covered in snow as they are in summer when they are green and lush? Then there are miles and miles of beautiful countryside, plus big islands, small islands and just about any natural beauty you can possibly feast your eyes on. This is before we have even touched on the art, the historical cities and the food!!! Gelato, anyone?

Italy is a fail safe holiday destination for people of any age or interests. A few weeks ago Inghams travels approached me to ask my opinion about what makes my country such a perfect holiday choice. You can read about it here

The readers of this blogs will know that airports make me happy and that travelling makes me giddy. My head is forever planning the next escape from Blighty. So, in the spirit of research, I started looking at the Inghams website and specifically at the one region of Italy that I have been dying to visit for the past couple of years.

Puglia is the 'heel' of Italy and it is a region touched by the Adriatic sea to the East, the Ionic Sea to the West and the Strait of Otranto to the South. If you follow me on Pinterest you know how much I'm coveting a trip there. I basically hardly ever use Pinterest unless I want to see some picture of Puglia and dream. 

I want to spend some night in a traditional white-washed Trullo in the white village of Alberobello, then head off for a luxurious stay at Borgo Egnazia where Justin Timberlake got married to Jessica Biel. After that, I'd rent a room in traditional coiuntryside masseria, but not too far from Pescoluse, otherwise called 'the Maldives of Salento' (Salento is a region of Puglia) or Santa Marina di Leuca or Gallipoli, where the night life is.

I would then finish it all off with a hop to another Italian region called Basilicata where you can admire the famous Sassi di Matera, a subterranean city build inside the rocks in prehistoric times and believed to be the home of the very first human settlement in Italy centuries ago. There are some boutique hotels there that have me literally salivating at their Expedia page, which is wrong on so many levels!

Images sourced from Pinterest 

Aww, Italia, my beautiful country! Are you dreaming a Puglia escape with me right now? And I bet you didn't even know about this wonderful corner of Italy until now! So, when are we going? I forgot to mention, please don't tell people about Puglia as it is quite undiscovered - relatively to the Italian parameters of tourists being everywhere - so let's keep it that way as it would be so annoying to having to fight a German for a sun lounger, wouldn't it? #joking #notreally

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


My inner being is in turmoil. There are big issues going on in my life and they affect my friendships, my job and my plans for the future.

Mr H has been a great at listening - not something that comes natural to him when it comes to my overactive mind - but there is only so much internal frustration that one man can listen to, so I unload this burden on you, my 7 readers. 

You know when something bothers you every day and you decide that it is time to stop it, but then you can't quite make it happen? That!

You know when someone pretends she's a good friend, but then she always talks behind your back?

You know how you say you don't care anymore, but you still do and you are angry that you do? 

You know how they say that sorry is the hardest word? You know when when you are owed a sorry and it doesn't come? and it has been months? 

You know when you see someone going wrong, but they just won't listen?

You know when you have options, you are grateful to have options, but you don't know which one is the best option? That!


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