We all know carbs are evil, nasty, bloating little feckers! Of course me being an Italian woman, I freaking love carbs. Bread, pizza, pasta, and risotto are so intrinsically part of my food DNA. You would think that my daughter would have the same or at least 50% of this DNA. WRONG!

Little Miss G has made it to 2 years and 2 months loathing and despising bread, biscuits and pizza! She loves pasta and goes on and off rice, but, so far, bread has been the evil thing she would NEVER eat, not a single tiny bit, never ever. Not once in 2 years and 2 months! (Yes, I did try cutting it into funny shapes, covering it in jam or honey, but still I get a big loud ‘yuck, mamma! discussing*’)

As she is allergic to eggs and I can’t bake to save my life, we don’t really ‘do’ cake, but biscuits I have tried and they get pretty much the same reaction that bread gets. Unless they are chocolate ones, but even then she will eat a mouthful at the most. I am not in the slightest stressed about the situation as I firmly believe that her DNA will kick in eventually and she’ll understand what she has missed out on.

What does, however, really and truly annoy me about this situation is that no meal is a quick meal with Miss G as it always involves cooking some pasta, boiling some potatoes or heating up some mashed potatoes. It is mainly my laziness rather than my DNA that is longing for the days when a packed lunch for the creche will consist of a sandwich, but Miss G loathes ham and cheese as much as she loathes bread, so I fear that we are all still far away from that day *sobs at the thought*

Yesterday, however, we had a small step for humanity and a giant step for Miss G! One of my friends, whom she totally adores, brought over some star-shaped home-made Swedish ginger biscuits for us to eat. I gave it her expecting the usual holding it in her hands forever without ever considering biting into it. BUT *dances around the room in happiness* give a bite she did and she actually ate the whole thing. 

Today, after yet another lunch of chicken, mashed potatoes and spinach, I gave her some toast. I thought I would play it cool, cut it in a fun shape, cover it in honey and see what would happen. She ate it all, no fuss at all. As if she had been eating bread since birth! I wanted to kiss her and thank the Lord, but instead I acted cool and said that she could have some more after dinner. Just like that. She makes no fuss, I make no fuss, let’s see what happens.

I am fully aware that it is only a small battle and that the sandwich prize is still in a galaxy far far away, but, hey, at least now we are in our space suits! Let’s the carbs-ride begin!

*discussing = disgusting 


  1. 12th December 2012 / 3:46 pm

    Sounds like real progress, well done!

  2. 12th December 2012 / 8:11 pm

    Brilliant:) The princess never ate meat untill she was 3 and I never forced her. One day she decided she liked it and now she eats all kinds of meat. Kind of the same with the little man. He saw Lady and the Tramp and went "I want meatballs for dinner" I thought, yeah right!!!! but he ate 3 that dinner time. I do believe if you just leave it they'll when they want too:)

    Well done, Miss G:)

  3. 14th December 2012 / 12:16 am

    isnt it amazing the joy and happiness we experience when our children eat something so insignificant – something we eat all the time easily – i am like you i go all whoop whoop inside and do a mummy happy dance!! i hope this continues for you and her. will make life sooooo much easier wont it?
    ps. she eats spinach? and chicken? thats brilliant as mine wont x

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