Wednesday, 6 March 2013

My sad body

Little Miss G is 2 and a half next month. She was a precocious talker, now she is just a mental one! She picks up things from other adults and then spits them back at me. 
Here are some of the latest gems as they happened, word by word.

G:     'Mamma, I'm going to ballet then I have a babycino and then I go shopping'
Me:   'You were poorly yesterday so we can't really go anywhere, I'm afraid'
G:     *looks at me with pity in her eyes* 'Really? I think you got a problem!' 
         *gives me a cuddle* 'Never mind' 

G:      'Mamma, I don't want the carrots'
Me:   'OK. Eat the rice then'
G:     *looks at me a bit crossed* 'What is the matter with you?' 
Me:    'Huh?'
G:       'You don't say what, you say pardon'

I was sitting at the dinner table with hunched shoulders holding my head in my arms because of a bad migraine:

G:    'Mamma, elbows off the table!'
Me:  'I have a bad headache so I'm holding my head'
G:     'Miss Emma* says you have a sad body**'
Me:   'I don't feel well, G'
G:     'Show me your toes. Do you have naughty toes? Let me see...'

*Miss Emma is her ballet teacher.
** Miss Emma makes them sit up straight (happy body) or hunched (sad body)


  1. I definitely have a sad body today. And problems. Maybe I was wrong: she shouldn't be an art critic, she should be a life coach!

  2. hilarious, I love miss G - we must get her and Allegra together for a play date this year xx

  3. That is so funny!
    Of course, they also talk to their teachers and tell them things that go on at home. This, I can assure you, can be very embarrassing. *Mummy has wine for breakfast* as an example when I had grape juice.

  4. bloody brilliant!!! she is so funny and so grown up x



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