Wednesday, 3 April 2013

There are leaves in my pasta

Miss G is being quite hilarious at the moment. We have spent the Easter weekend around Dorset, the New Forest and London (more on that in another post) and she has delighted us with some more pearls of bonkers wisdom. Do you remember these?

Well, here are some new ones. I warn you though, some might be politically incorrect, but she is only 2 after all.

Me:  We are going to a beach today
G:     I want to wear my swimming costume and make sand castles! Pleeeease!
Me:  It is not summer, it will be cold.
arriving at a beautiful but windy beach in Dorset
G:     Mamma, this beach makes me feel freezing. Actually, it makes me feel all dizzy!

playing 'shops' with Mr H
Him:  I would like two bananas, please
G:      We don't have any bananas, but we have apples. Green ones and red ones.
Him:  OK then, can I have 3 red apples? How much is it?
G:      Here you go. It's eleventeen pound!

Miss G spots a little person at the Coffee Shop, she stares and then screams
G:      Mamma, look, this lady is very little.
Me:   Yes, G, she is. Come here now, please.
G:      I am a little lady too! 

Mr H prepares some pasta and puts some chopped basil on top
G:      *screams* Mummy, daddy, why are there leaves in my pasta?


  1. My son became obsessed with Ellie Simmons the paralympic swimmer last year. He asked me "why is Ellie Simmons different?" So I tried to explain dwarfism. He then said "no, why does she wear a red hat and everyone else's is black"

  2. Yuck, leaves in your pasta... I love the things they come up with. Not so much in public though, when they shout MUMMY I NEED A POOPOO NOW

  3. cutesome! we were down that way on the weekend too. near sandbanks. so nice to get out of london and down to the coast

  4. I Love some of the things they come out with. I really should pay more attention and note them down! x

  5. How dare you put green stuff on her food! Green is evil!! And eleventeen is a very popular number in our house :) Thanks for linking these - they're lovely!

  6. Eleventeen is a number we just forget about as adults I'm sure, cos all kids use it! Our current eleventeen from Boy no.4 comes after 14... :D



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