Big Girl Bedroom

When I bought Little G a basic Ikea cot for £50 she was 6 weeks old. We needed a cot and that one was cheap, white and minimalist and that was that. I would have never believed that my daughter would still be in it three years later!

Yes, you heard me. Little G has never once tried to climb out of it. She has never once complained about the size (small!) of her bed nor the fact that it had rails on. I could have left her in there until the summer if it wasn’t that her grow bags have started to fit a bit snug and I thought that it was time to finally get rid of the best £50 I have ever spent.

The search for a new bed was mind boggling. If her first bed was purchased in haste her second took hours weeks of research. There are so many options! Toddler bed or a single bed? A trundle so that she can have sleepovers? A high rise? A cabin bed? An extendable single that starts as a toddler bed? A European single (2 metres in length)? Or a British single (1.9 metres)? The possibilities are truly endless. 

When my head was spinning with options I did the one thing that made sense. I asked twitter. Obviously. That is how I came across the Room To Grow website, a site that is easy to browse and that has very reasonable prices for the quality of the products stocked. They are also very helpful on Twitter, which is a major plus for me. Not that I am usually that undecided, but this bed decision was fairly major and I wanted to cover all grounds.

After lots of researching we went for the Thuka Trendy 14, a Scandinavian pinewood cabin bed that features the cutest little den underneath. I wanted the stars-themed tent, but of course Little G went for the princess option. *sad face*  After I ordered the bed through the site, they picked up on our twitter connection and they offered me this cool Mighty-b beanbag to go with it. As soon as it came, Little G was all over it!

After four hours of assembly and one or two rows with Mr H over which piece was G and which one was J, her cabin bed was finally done! Does she like it? No, I think love it is more the description! She enjoys playing in the tent under her bed as much as she loves the fact that the actual bed is so big and yet so cozy thanks to the bars that go all around it. I’d call it a win win all around!

In future we will take out the tent and fill the space with drawers, a desk or shelves, but for now, it is just the perfect bed solution for Miss G’s room. Which 3 year old wouldn’t love a den to hide in? And one with a great bean bag as well?

The other major positive feature about this bed is the fact that once the lights are off, stepping down those steep stairs is not all that appealing and two weeks on we still haven’t had a single night time visit! That might change in future, hopefully not, but for now I am extremely grateful to the people who designed this bed because the last thing I want is a 3 year old jumping on my bed at 3am. I am a big fan of personal space. There, I said it!

*we were offered the beanbag in exchange for this review, but we bought the bed before the kind beanbag offer and we paid full price for it. Worth every penny if you ask me (and G)


  1. 17th December 2013 / 10:33 pm

    yay you've done it!! cabin beds rock x

  2. 20th December 2014 / 11:53 am

    Really awesome room for big girl, I'm also make my girl room so big. thanks for this post.

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