Home Interior Design Tips To Improve Any Room

Interior designers follow no particular rulebook, although some core principles will result in fantastic looking rooms when applied by a creative person. These are not tricks or skills that can take a lifetime to master, as anyone can start to follow these the day they take an interest in their home interior design.

Choose your paint colour last

Although it may seem like the most methodical way of designing your home, picking your paint color last has many positive benefits. There are thousands of color variations that you can choose from, and each one will look slightly different depending on how your house is built and the natural light that is available. Therefore, what may look good in your home previously, or in a showroom, may not capture your current house’s full potential. You also want to choose a color that complements your furniture and artwork, so by picking this last, you will not limit yourself as to what you can put in your house.

Let your furniture breathe

It can be difficult but fight the urge to overcrowd a room. It isn’t necessary to fill up every room with lots of furniture. This is particularly useful for those that are on a budget. Spacious rooms mean you can move through the house with ease and will help lift your mood, as you will not be fighting with clutter. Aim for quality, over quantity, and your home interior design efforts will be greatly rewarded.

Hang your artwork at the correct height

The average level of the human eye is approximately 57 inches; therefore this is where you should aim to place the midline of your art pieces. This is the same technique that museums and art galleries follow. Even if you have a very spacious and high roof building, it doesn’t mean that you need to place your artwork higher to fill in the space. Always think about the human scale, rather than the building size.

Correctly utilise your floor rug

There are three different ways that you can arrange your furniture to utilize your rug properly.

If the road is large enough, then you should place all of the furniture legs on top of it, as this will create a separate area and provide it with a more luxurious feel. This is best used when you can have at least 12 inches of floor space past each of the rug borders.

If you don’t want to use all of your space, or you have a small room, then keeping all of the legs off of the rug is an excellent choice. Be sure that the rug that you purchase isn’t too small, though, as it may seem insignificant to your arrangement. The rug should appear to be able almost to touch the front legs of each piece of furniture.

Just placing the front legs on the rug is an excellent way to amalgamate your whole design. This works best when the rug fills the majority of the room, and that most of your furniture is on the outside. This will create an open spacious feeling.

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