Stimulating Activities For Your Baby

Taking care of your youngsters not only requires that they be properly clothed and fed, but that you encourage their mental development as well. Toys and other fun stuff stimulate the child’s creative side and are essential for proper brain development.

By carefully selecting the type of toys and play-activities that your child will be interacting with, you can have fun while aiding mental growth at the same time. When making your selection, ask yourself how the toy or activity will benefit your little one’s visual skills, listening skills, and hand-eye coordination.

Here are some tips and ideas for children’s toys and activities:


Blocks are a great place to start when looking for various toys and baby products for your zero to three years old. Blocks come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, materials and configurations. Some block sets come with a type of block “sorter” for the different shapes. This allows your little one to expand his or her mind as they make the connection between block/shape association.

Activity Gyms

In order to stimulate learning for your baby, noises and sights must somehow catch your baby’s interest. Baby activity gyms are designed to provide overhead sites and sounds that will help your baby develop his or her motor skills, along with sensory stimulation and cause and effect learning.

Musical and Auditory Toys

To help stimulate your baby’s mind, get him or her some well thought out musical/auditory toys . These type of toys can spawn logical thinking and start a mathematical process and understanding of spatial relation. Studies have suggested that younger the child is when exposed to such toys and activities, the greater the chance of a substantial increase in IQ.

Reading to Your Kids

The benefits of reading aloud to your children are enormous. Reading to your child is the best thing you can do to help prepare them for academic success in the future. It will help your child to gain the ability to decode what words mean, thus greatly increasing their vocabulary. Also, reading aloud to your child is a great bonding experience between child and parent.

Also, keep safety in mind when considering toys for your young child. Never buy toys with parts that are small enough to swallow or that contain sharp edges. Age ratings on toys are a good indicator of appropriate safety and will help you pick the right toy for your child.

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